Monday, July 16, 2012

Midway Weekend with the Morgans

This past weekend we met up with our favorite people from Iowa and headed to Midway, UT.
It rained most of the time, but it didn't stop us from playing hard.

Some of the activities included:
Staying up until 3am talking and laughing
Tour around town
The Cheese/Raw milk factory
Hiking up the Crater
The Lady in Black- we were all terrified.
Restless sleep all around
Milk Shakes
and of course... Sunday dinner at the Morgan's house!!!

We had too much fun... like always and can't wait to spend the upcoming weekend with them too!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Work Story By Mr. L

We are fighting valiently but My garbage bag foot protectors are dropping like flys! The weeds are over my head! We spray a weed but more keep popping up like... like... like weeds! This may be my last text before me death...

We are surrounded. I yet live but now count the remainder of my life in hours. Every one  being a unexpected blessing. We have called for reinforcments but fear that none can be spared for a cause as dire as ours. Our ammunition begins to run low and so too does our hope of success. i pray i will live to see the dawn.

Huzzah! A ray of hope! The mighty cloud has joined our cause! The cover it provides has protected us from the daming rays of the infernal sun. Giving us an added measure of strength and not a moment to soon for we have encountered a new breed of weed. The mear sight of which causes the bravest of men to freeze in terror and fall prey to it's dark whims.

Betrayal! If our cause was dire before it surely is the worst shade of black now. For the dark cloud which we once called friend has joined the cause of the green demons and is building strength to send a hell spawned storm upon our heads. Such  a sinister act would  render our only weapon against the weeds useless. what a cruel twist of fate it is that  in this hopeless hour  i have been seperated from my only ally. i know not weather he still fights on or has succumbed to the weeds evil. i  now a race against time, alone,  to defeat this tireless, endless enemy.

The weeds appear to be retreating in what appears to be some evil lunch ritual. I will use this short repreive to gather supplies and prepair for the next onslaught.

My beloved Malarie. By the time you read this I will be dead. For even as I write the plant horde is breaking though my last defenses. We never really did stand a chance but have held out better than I would have ever believed. My only regret is not being able to do you one last time. I really liked doing you. the weeds will likely leave no remains but do not morn. know that I died fighting to the very end.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hilarious Convo

Elderly Customer: Did you have a nice 4th of July?
Mr. L: Ya! I got to spend some time alone with my wife!
Elderly Customer: ohh uhh ok then.
...... Shortly after....
Mr.L: He totally thinks I ment something dodgy and is now scarred for the rest of his life.

Mrs. M's response:

4th of July

After today I am pretty sure I would love to take every Wednesday off. Mr. L and I got a lot of alone time which was pretty freaking rad. {to say the least.}

Our day consisted of the following:
Waking up scared to death, with a huge BANG from above, and then laughing our heads off. (I love walking up to that man ahhh He might have been playing Pokemon while I slept)
Protein Waffles and Eggs- (recipe on my other blog)
The Walking Dead- (our new fav. totally freaks me out and is totally worth it)
Dawnguard for L, Homeland for M (geek alert)
Picnic Lunch
More Walking Dead (nightmares for sure)
Razr ride (almost ran out of gas)
Dinner on the deck (pictures/explanation to follow-warning not for light of heart)
Smores (yes we had a cheat treat! and it was awesome)
Beautiful sunset to finish the day off.

Here is Landon with the chicken dogs all ready to go! Take a good look at how they started.
(P.S. They are chicken, spinach and mozzarella in a pork casing) woo hoo real food approved.

Best thing about outdoor fireplaces- no campfire smell!

The finished product. They magically turned into Orc hotdogs. They tasted great, I just couldn't get over how they looked. Mr. L really enjoyed them.

Best summer drink= watermelon+ strawberries, + a splash of sprite.

L got to try out his bday gift from the Morgans!

Malarie decided a smores with no marshmallow was the way to go.

The evening ended just as amazing as it had started.

Minus Landon's zombie impressions in the dark. Straight up creepy.